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About Us
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at EOA Holdings along with our subsidiary organizations, believe that organizations must be responsible for the well-being of their immediate environment, directly as well as indirectly. At EOA, we maintain a strict non-polluting work culture to ensure that we do not denigrade the environment but encourage it to support life and the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

We aim to better the ecofriendliness of our neighbourhoods and this reflects in our eco-friendly waste management systems. Our compliance with Safety and Security guidelines also ensure that we remain good communal entities wherever we are based.

In order to support and improve local standards, we offer educational grant to residents of local communities, provision of basic amenities such as water, and donations to child/mother care agencies that cater for the less-priviledged in society, and we are poised to do more. Indeed, a substantial part of our workforce emerge from local communities, where our businesses reside. We will continually empower communities and collaborate purposefully with relevant government and non-governmental agencies to ensure that we remain a socially responsible enterprise.

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